“When is the Pipeline Challenge being held in 2020?” 

Pipeline 2020 is scheduled for Saturday 2nd May to Wednesday 6th May.


“When do registrations for 2020 open?” 

Early September


“When do registrations for 2020 close?” 

Registrations will close early March, unless the event reaches capacity before then. Stay tuned for an exact cut off date.


“Do I need to ride the whole distance?” 

Not unless you really want to. While we do accept a limited number of soloists, we encourage most participants to ride as part of a team in a relay-style which means you can share the load as you like. Plus it’s more fun!


“How much is registration?”

Each participant will receive a free registration when they make the following donation to Youth Futures during the registration process:

Adult Team Rider: $485

Adult Solo Rider: $500

Adult Support Crew: $435

Under 18 Rider: $325

Accompanying Child (aged 9-17): $115

Accompanying Child (under 8): Free, jersey not included

Please note this donation will not be included in your fundraising total. Rider and Support Crew registrations include all meals, event costs, camping fees, insurance and a jersey. All registration fees are non-refundable if you are unable to do the Challenge.


“How many people can we have in a team?”

You can have up to 5 people in your team. This number has been set based on each support vehicle having room for 5 passengers. If you have more than 5 people wanting to join your team consider splitting into 2 teams.


“I don’t have a team but want to do the ride. Can I do it myself or are there teams I can join?”

Conquering the Pipeline Challenge solo is no easy feat so if you are keen to conquer the Pipeline on your own please read here or call 08 9300 2677 to speak with Mark or Louise before completing your registration.

Each year we have a number of riders looking to join a team. Get in touch and we will endeavour to find you your new mtb buddy for the event.


“Is there a minimum age for participants?” 

No, however all participants under the age of 18 at the time of the event will require parent/guardian consent and will need to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the event. If you will be under the age of 18 on Day One of the event, please make sure your parent/legal guardian completes and returns the permission form provided to you before the event commences. We have had children as young as 9 join us on the Pipeline.


“How fit do I need to be?”

Well, it depends on your pain tolerance. Obviously the fitter you are the easier it will be to get back on that bike each day. If you are participating as a team you will be able to share the load which makes conquering the Pipeline Challenge an achievable goal for most people. We recommend your training regime includes riding on consecutive days to get your body used to backing it up day after day on the Challenge.

The Challenge is not a race and as long as you take it easy, train beforehand and have no health issues which mean you shouldn’t be exercising, you should be able to complete the ride. If you have any concerns ask your local GP, they will let you know if you should be taking on the Challenge.


“Will first aid be available?”

We will have qualified first aid officers available for the duration of the event. Each team is also required to have a fully stocked first aid kit in their support vehicle at all times. We recommend the St John’s Small Leisure Kit or Medium Leisure Kit which can be purchased here.


“What jersey size should I order?”  

Refer to the sizing chart here. We will also have 4XL and 5XL jerseys available although they are not listed on the chart. The jerseys are unisex so please check your measurements rather than just ordering your usual clothing size. Please note that ‘Accompanying children (non-riding)’ registrations do not include a jersey.


“Do I have to wear the official Pipeline Challenge jersey?” 

Yes, but just for the first day when we will be taking a group photo.


“When will I get my registration pack?” 

You will be able to collect your registration pack at the team briefing on Day One.


“Can you ride the whole way along the pipeline?”

The simple answer is no. The pipeline frequently goes underground, sometimes there are no access tracks and at other times it runs directly alongside roads and the main highway, however most of the Challenge is along the pipeline. For safety and logistical reasons there are times when you will be on bush trails, railway access tracks, dirt roads and occasionally bitumen when entering and leaving town sites.


“Doesn’t the pipeline go through private property?”

Yes it certainly does. We have been given permission, with certain conditions, to access the pipeline when it goes through private property. Vehicles will need to keep below 40 km/h, gates will need to be left as you found them (usually opened and closed when accessing the trail), and vehicles must keep to the trail and be mindful of any livestock that may be on the property.


“What distances will we be riding and what does the terrain look like?” 

The  approximate distances are*:

Day 1: 55 km (Kalgoorlie to Coolgardie)

Day 2: 184 km (Coolgardie to Southern Cross)

Day 3: 116 km (Southern Cross to Merredin)

Day 4: 172 km (Merredin to Northam)

Day 5: 67 km (Northam to Mundaring)


The trail is not considered a technical ride but it is varied. There are sections that are rutted and rocky that you will have to take carefully. Some sections are sandy, uphill (or on the odd occasion, both) and will really test your legs. Other sections will be long and fast and test your physical and mental endurance.

* Route subject to change each year


“What’s the weather like at that time of the year?”

The Pipeline Challenge is being held in May to take advantage of the great West Australian weather. This time of year typically sees an average monthly temperature of 20-22 degrees with 7 days of light rain across the region. The Pipeline Challenge will go ahead rain or shine however in the case of extreme weather we will decide if it is safe for the event to continue.


“Is the ride timed?” 

The Pipeline Challenge isn’t a race but we will have volunteers timing your team’s ride and will make this information available each night.


“What money is tax deductible?”

According to the Australian Tax Office all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible however raffle ticket and merchandise sales are not considered donations and as such are not tax deductible.


“What’s your cancellation and refund policy?” 

Please refer to the event Terms and Conditions .


“How can my business get involved in the Pipeline Challenge?” 

We have a number of cash and in-kind partnership opportunities available. If you would like to know more please call us on 08 9300 2677 or contact us.  The Pipeline Challenge also provides your team with a fun way to bond while giving back to the community so consider getting a corporate team together to take on the Pipeline.


“What if I can’t find the answer to my question?” 

Then email or call us on 08 9300 2677.


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