Fancy a few nights under the stars?

Well that’s what you get to enjoy while conquering the Pipeline Challenge. We will be camping (4 star) on the local recreation grounds in Southern Cross, Merredin and Northam but first we’ll start off with some more rustic camping at the Coolgardie Golf Course. Toilets and warm showers will be a welcome relief following a hard day on the bike.

You will need to bring all of your own camping gear as suggested in the equipment list. Anything from a swag to a camping trailer should keep you nice and cozy while your body recovers. Real estate will be at a premium so smaller tents or a larger team tent will work best. Soloists utilising the Event Logistics Vehicle please refrain from bringing large swags so we can ensure there is enough room for everyone’s gear.

As teams arrive at the camp grounds, volunteers will be on hand to direct you where to park your vehicle and set up camp for the night. It is essential to follow all directions given by our volunteers to ensure we have enough room for all the teams and riders at the end of the day.