How It Works

The Pipeline Challenge is predominately a team event and how you tackle it is up to you.

Each team is required to have one rider on the trail at all times but if you’d prefer to ride the whole trail as a team you can. Before registering you will need to appoint a Team Captain who will be responsible for attending briefings and relaying this information back to the team (all riders and support crew are more than welcome at briefings).

Each team will need to be self-sufficient for the Challenge. You will need your own support vehicle (one per team), trailer/bike rack, camping gear, bike/spares and everything else listed in the equipment section.

Your team will be provided with the following:

  • A registration pack which includes your rider’s manual, jersey, wristband, event number etc.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks (see meals provided)
  • Water (non-filtered) to fill up your drink bottles/camel backs and jerry cans (provided at the campsite)
  • Camp site (local sporting grounds), including showers and toilets
  • An unforgettable experience, including evening entertainment in some towns

Each morning teams will be required to pack up their campsite, have breakfast and be ready to start the day at their team’s allocated time.

At the start of each day teams will leave at timed intervals followed at a safe distance by their support vehicle. You can choose how long you ride for before you swap riders or if you have multiple riders on the track at any one time. At certain times we may restrict transitions to keep everyone safe. Please note that when rider transitions occur your support vehicle must be stationary and stopped in a safe location that allows other teams to pass by safely.

There are no official lunch stops so you can eat when it’s your turn in the support vehicle or stop as a team and enjoy the West Australian countryside. Just bear in mind that dreaded daily time limit.

Once you have arrived at the finish line for the day, your team can set up camp, conduct any bike maintenance, have a warm shower (fingers crossed) and relax before dinner and the nightly activities.

Sound good? Get a team together today.

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